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Steven Surina

The passer

Steven Surina is french. He has been living in Egypt since 2002, where he grew up in a diving club run by his family. The diving club allowed him to sail to and from the Red Sea as far as Djibouti, going through Sudan, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. Surina has travelled around the world to complete his experience, shark diving more than 300 times a year for about a decade. Diving instructor and founding manager of Shark Education, he's specialised in shark ethology and diver/shark interaction. To share his experience, Surina offers shark-themed trips in around fifteen locations, including Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, the Maldives, the Philippines, Mozambique, South Africa, the Bahamas, and Mexico. 

He also organises lectures and seminars on a regular basis. In addition, Surina works in partnership with scientists and experts from all over the world. Surina has written several articles on sharks, and published books on human/shark interaction in 2015 and 2016. Surina created the first International Chart for Sustainable Shark Ecotourism with Dr Seret, a sharkologist at Paris’ Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle. 

Surina has dived dozens of times with the great white shark uncaged, spent hundreds of hours with tiger sharks and bull sharks and dived over a thousand times with the oceanic shark. Surina is one of the few French divers to have experience with tonic immobility. He practiced tonic immobility on several shark species in their natural habitat, using different techniques (stimulating ampullae of Lorenzini, flipping the shark on its side by use of its pectoral of caudal fin) to pull hooks out of them.

Patrick Metzlé


Casting director by trade he also produced a few advertising movies. Passionate about diving, he was lucky enough to take several shark trips/seminars with Steven (in the Red Sea with thresher sharks, oceanic sharks and scalloped hammerheads, South Africa with blue sharks, makos, broadnose sevengill sharks, pyjama sharks and great white sharks, Mexico with bull sharks, whale sharks, Mozambique with tiger sharks, silky sharks…). Steven transmitted his passion for sharks to him, just as he did to all the divers who attended his
seminars. He’ve turned into a sharkaholic ! 
This project started during his latest trip to South Africa, the original idea being to share what Steven teaches to small groups with as many people as possible.


Pierre-Etienne Larrous

Director / Underwater cameraman

Professional underwater cameraman involved into shark’s conservation, Pierre-Etienne engages with passion in many film projects aiming to restore the truth about this misunderstood animal. Initially a director of video clip, video dance and short films, Pierre-Etienne is also specialized in the creation of digital special effects, motion design & 3D modeling. He puts his skills to the serve the documentaries he makes or on which he works with among others Jan Kounen, René Heuzey, Steven Surina or François Sarano. With the confidence of international specialists and the complicity of his team, he is now ready to reconciliate human being with sharks using a poetic sense of staging, original and committed.